Mission statement

Our mission

Global German – Language School is an organization dedicated to teaching German as a second or additional language to adults relocating to Germany. Our team has a big heart, and our work focuses on achieving good results through good experiences. Good results are useful both immediately and in the future, while good experiences are those that all participants remember with fondness and joy. We share our passion for the German language with our students, and work closely with them to ensure that they achieve their linguistic goals.

The general goals of our company

We aim to contribute to social harmony, as people who learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings, suggestions, wishes, plans, messages and reports adequately in the language of the country they live in also gain respect for the path that led them to Germany in the first place.

Skills and expertise

Our German teachers are empathetic, love their language and focus specifically on the strengths of each of our language students. They are able to form effective learning groups that see themselves as teams working together to ensure the progress of each individual and of the entire group, whose members enjoy coming to class.


Each Global German teacher specializes in a particular area of language teaching and continuously increases his or her expertise through the exchange of ideas within the teaching team. Our instructors are selected from less than 1% of all applications we receive – they are individuals who meet our high standards in terms of personality, knowledge and methodology, who are paid commensurately, and whom we coach and involve in the company’s development.

Our values

As a provider of language courses, we are committed to social sustainability. For us, successful linguistic integration is a testament to inclusion and recognition, to respect for the path that leads people to Germany and to the appreciation of the wishes, goals and hopes that all those involved associate with it.


Thus, we offer our clients what we ourselves love: German courses that spark enthusiasm and are tailored precisely to their needs, support for their progress in the language outside of the scheduled class hours as well, and the opportunity for educational development that produces results through a variety of experiences.

Our customers

We are commissioned by companies that want to give their international employees more confidence and help them feel more at home linguistically in their new surroundings, among colleagues and in the workplace. Are you planning to spend a large part of your life in Germany and thus want to learn German as a second or additional language? Then you are one of our potential customers. We’ll provide comprehensive linguistic support that comes from the heart, using our expertise and our proven teaching methods. Many learners who have found no joy in the usual textbooks and language courses make their way to us, because we design specifically tailored courses that truly meet their needs.

Our definition of success in learning

If our students are happy with their linguistic progress and eager for further linguistic exploration, and if we were able to inspire them with a passion for the German language similar to our own, we consider the learning process a success.


Education companies can have their quality checked independently. We are happy to use the LQWk logo for our quality management system:

Lernerorientierte Qualität in der Weiterbildung – kompakt.

(Quality-tested until May 30th, 2025)

Testatstempel LQW Kompakt 2021 -Lernerorientierte Qualität in der Weiterbildung – kompakt