Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses

Do you want to make the integration of your employees in the (German-speaking) professional, social and cultural life of Berlin easier? Or would you like communication training related to the workflows in your company?

After assessing the language skills of the students, we find out what our clients want and need, as we design our courses based on the wishes and goals of the participants. With transparent learning objectives and a strong focus on scenario-based training, we enhance our students’ success, make learning fun from the very beginning, and ensure that it is effective and lasting.

We round off our training with a weekly e-mail to the participants that contains additional motivating tasks. Training modules are concluded with in-depth discussions for clarification of any further language-learning requirements and corresponding advice. We coordinate the training schedules with you and offer the training sessions in-house.

With regular evaluations and feedback conferences, we ensure the utmost transparency and satisfaction for everyone. Reach out to us and put our expertise to the test.

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